Re: newly assembled PC - won't power up

KJ wrote:

I am so happy. I just swapped out the PSU with another (older) Antec
Smart Power 500W PSU, and, voila, powers up instantly!

Now, may I offer a hearty thanks to Paul, Mike, Frank, and Tom for
their troubleshooting tips. I learned a heck of a lot from you guys on
this thread.

The only thing I don't understand is *why* the new PSU fails to work.
Maybe it's just a "copmpatibilty" issue. Perhaps it will work with my
older (last year's) computer, or maybe the good people at CompUSA will
take it back even though it's pretty scratched up on the side from
being taken in and out of the case 3 or 4 times. If I only had the
energy now to put the whole thing back together and install the OS...

Be well.


I recommend researching NeoHE issues, and see if the symptoms are the
same. Somehow, this all sounds too familiar.