Re: WD2500 in USB enclosure failing?

dbs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi folks - anyone had problems with WD2500 250gig EIDE drives not
working in external USB enclosures? I have 2 of these drives I'm
pulling from a working server, and would like to attach them via USB
enclosure to my desktop machine (running linuxon both boxes).

The USB enclosure is working fine - it's externally powered, patched
into the front panel of the PC. I have a 20gig drive I used for
testing in the enclosure, it spins up fine and mounts perfectly.

When I put either of the WD2500 drives in the enclosure and power up,
I get no completed initialization on the Linux side, and the drive
will 'reset' every 30 seconds or so (click, whirr).

I can't find anything via google that suggests this drive won't work
in a USB enclosure (in fact, many comments to the contrary). Am I
missing something?

Thanks in advance...

Check the USB enclosure for cooling ventilation. The larger and faster
WD drives can get pretty hot. If feasible, test by running the drive
with just the enclosure's electronics section attached to the header