Is My Monitor Dying?

I have a 19" CRT monitor and am running WinXP Pro. All of the sudden
today my monitor is degausing itself. It clicks on and off like it
would if you press the degaus button. It is also making a weird sound,
for lack of a better word. Kind of like a clicking sound when the
monitor first turns on. The only thing I"ve done differently is I
installed updated drivers for my Creative Audigy soundcard last night.
Does anyone have any idea if this is a hardware problem with the
monitor, or is it possible the sound card driver update messed
something up. I have a GeForce 5900 Ultra graphics card, running 5673
driver that installed when I installed Windows. Would updating my
graphics driver help?
Also wanted to mention that the screen kept getting smaller and larger,
like when an electrical load is pulling power.
Any help is greatly appreciated.