Homebuilt Maybe One More Time

My current system is getting long in tooth. I built it 4 years ago and
it has done very well. I'm ready to get a new system and I'm not sure
if I should go with a Dell or build another. The Dell's are very low
cost, reliable, and quiet these days.

I'm looking for a _quiet_ machine with ports on the front (1394, USB,
card reader, maybe sound) and back. I've been an AMD guy for a while
at home and use Intel at work.

This machine will be used for serious video editing (not high def yet)
and photoshopping. I'll use it also for the usual internet and home
productivity apps (maybe).

Any obvious recommendations? I see the Sonata II can come with a front
access panel for 1394, etc. How does this work? Do all modern mobos
have connectors for front ports?

I'll probably stick with XP for a while. My W2k machine has done well
although lately there's more and more flake outs.

For video card I don't need anything special. I'm not a big gamer.
Just something that is compatible with Premiere, or Vegas.