Re: XP license to 2nd computer legal?

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"mayayana" <mayayana1a@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yes, but there are 2 points worth noting:

1) Microsoft defines their product as copyrighted intellectual property, like a book. Who gave them authority to say that their intellectual property is licensed to a motherboard? One can buy legal OEM Windows CDs online that come with a piece of hardware. Can that version be installed anywhere as long as it's accompanied
by that piece of hardware? I don't know the answer to that, but as
absurd as it sounds, that would seem to be within the definition of Microsoft's license. They say it's licensed to a piece of hardware. I can understand the awkward position that MS is in, with software that's easily copied, but I'm not sure that gives them the right to define a license to a motherboard.

2) The other point, which is more what I had in mind, is that people buy redundant licenses because of practical reasons
or because they don't know any better. My own father, for example,
had a full version of WinME. When he got a virus he called some dim bulb tech. support company. They thought he should "upgrade" to XP and sold him a full licensed version of that.


But they neglected to note that he only had 64 MB of RAM.

Of course they should determine that before selling someone Windows

So under the bloat of XP his PC couldn't think and display at the same time. He finally gave up on it, buying a new Compaq with pre-installed XP. So my father has bought an OEM version of XP that he didn't legally need, and he bought a full version when he could have used an upgrade version. For now my father is all set, but what if his PC gets hit by a surge that blows the motherboard?
Then he'll have an XP PC that needs a new motherboard, but he won't be able to get it activated. So his new version of XP is only good for as long as nothing breaks.

In my experience those kinds of issues are very common.

I'm sure every regular here, except David Maynard, knows how common those issues are. My neighbors need to upgrade to Windows XP, but they see the price of $100 and know they can get a whole new computer for about five times that.

And even if you take the position that OEM licenses are not a Mickey Mouse scam,

You can expect that from someone who says Microsoft doesn't hold monopoly power.

I see you're still as big a liar as ever.

all of those other cases, like I described above, are still extra,
unjustified license fees that MS is getting through the logistics of their licensing scheme.

And in related nonsense. Microsoft can't compete against India unless it can hire more Indians. Go figure.


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