Re: Interesting hardware problem

exactly..... 90% of the time its a warranty issue on a fairly new part
the techs are going to be dealing with. This requires you to do nothing
pull the card and send it back. I'm retired now but at the time, without a
single piece of sheepskin that referred to electronics, but a degree in
computer science, I ran circles around the certified whatevers.

That doesn't surprise me. In my experience, there are people who are
certified in something or other, and there are people who are actually
proficient in that same something or other. Rarely do you find a single
person who is both certified and proficient. They DO exist, but they are
kind of an oddity. :)

I think it boils down to, the people who want to do something get the
certifications to try to prove that they can do it. (but in actuality, it
just makes THEMSELVES feel better) Meanwhile, the people who are actually
doing it (WELL!) don't need the certifications to prove that they are
proficient. (everybody they work with already KNOWS, and they can use the
references to get the next job, if necessary)

In fours
years I was running the IT dept. at AB DICK in the Chicago area.(yeah yeah
heard them all). Most of the problems back then were 'cabling ' related,
network interface problems. Rarely were we tearing down copiers or
or servers at the PCB level.. UNLESS !!! it was a MacGyver moment and
someone wanted to play hero, cause the secretarial pool just hired a babe.
(NOTE the historical references). I think its even easier now and IT techs
should just do it for free as a hobby. ;^)

Yeah, IT techs sure do have an easy job, if they know what they are doing.
I try not to do any IT type work OUTSIDE of work. Unfortunately, it's like
a doctor . . . everyone you meet has a computer problem that they want your
opinion on. That is so fricking annoying. I love computers, I service them
for a living. It's not my LIFE, though. In my free time, I often don't
want to even think about them. -Dave