Re: grinding on HDD

jb writes:

It is a scratching sound. It's the same sound that happens during a typical
start-up on a working machine as everything is loaded. It only grinds when I
start programs or do other tasks on the computer. But what makes it annoying
is that it happens so much. Starting any program takes a good 10 seconds at
times, but the hd keeps grinindg even for a while after I start using the

On modern Windows desktops, the disk is active a great deal; it isn't
as noticeable as it used to be because disks aren't as noisy as they
used to be (especially when seeking). It's unlikely that anything is
actually scratching the disk, as any physical contact with the disk
would cause an immediate head crash. There may be something touching
the actuator or some noise in the actuator, which may or may not be a
sign of an impending problem.

If programs start much more slowly than they used to, the disk may be
struggling with attempts to read and reread (or write and rewrite)
defective disk areas. If this is the case, the disk will eventually

It can't hurt to run S.M.A.R.T. tests against the drive to see if it
actually has logged errors and/or can tolerate a test suite.

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