Re: Problem installing chipset drivers

"Dave Hardenbrook" <daveh47@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Have any of you run into the following problem? -- I've built a new
system, and used the Mobo's setup disk to install the chipset drivers.
After the installation, Device Manager reports that some of the driver
installations failed (the infamous yellow exclamation point icon), and the
onboard NIC doesn't show up at all. After uninstalling the failed
drivers, flashing the BIOS, and downloading updated drivers, I tried
again. Same result. Then tried again, this time installing with Add
Hardware Wizard, and got this cryptic error message: "An error occurred
during the installation of this device: Access is denied." Access to WHAT
is denied??? (I thought at first it was an I/O error involving the HDD
and/or CD-ROM, but I managed to rule that out.) Anyone else seen that
error, know what's causing it, and how to address it?

Here's my system specs:

Mobo: Epox EP-8NPA7I
Chipset: nForce4 4X
CPU: AMD Sempron 2600+
RAM: 512M DDR400
OS: Windows XP Home SP2
HDD: Maxtor SATA 100G


Check in BIOS that onboard NIC is enabled, if it is, you have a possible
faulty motherboard. What other devices have problems? Check on manufacturers
website for later drivers.