Re: Will XP work ok?

spodosaurus <spodosaurus@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Mike T. wrote:
Contact microsoft, let them know you have an original cdrom and
explain the situation. They may charge you a fee, but if they do
it'll be less than a whole new WinXP. If it's an OEM copy of XP,
don't say you want to put it on a different computer, say you
need to reinstall it on the original.

That won't work. If the hardware is different, you must activate
the OS by phone. So it won't do any good to claim that you are
reinstalling on the same system. Yeah, you might get it to
install OK, but that will only work for 30 days or less. -Dave

And then you have to phone for an activation key, at which point
you tell them that you've upgraded due to x or y failure...

Or you use the hack and forget about the activation garbage.