Re: GF 6600GT - Power Req's

On Thu, 23 Mar 2006 01:49:18 GMT, John Doe <jdoe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Tim Binns <binns.tim@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I put in a GF 6600GT, which has been problematic. About 1 boot in
three, I see the "Your graphics card is not getting enough power"
warning dialog.

A telltale sign if I ever heard one.

Now the PSU in the Sonata MK 1 is a 380W afair which is supposed
to supply up to 16A on the 12v rail.

My Antec 350 W supply has 21 amps at 12 V.

The 16A figure is from the data sheetfor the PSU at Antec's site.

Bear in mind it's the "quite" version with only one temperature
controlled 80mm fan.

1) Does it seem likely that my current PSU is
marginal/insufficient for my system now that I've installed a
hungrier graphics card?

Yes, and AFIAK running a system with insufficient power is a bad
thing. In other words, I would be concerned about doing that.

Good luck.