Re: Building a AMD64 mini PC

"Ed Coolidge" <semi_DELETE_THIS_charm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> JAD wrote:
>>PhotoShop is not 'that' demanding. Besides PhotoShop has been around
>>since, well, forever and production was being done on the current
>>technology of the time. So if you really want to save money:
>>Get a cheaper case (cases are the least important of all)
>>a decent PSU
>>a gig of memory, or more, but for the sake of the buck..............
>>2 nice sata's, one just for data and scratch
>>and skip the 64 stuff, there is really no need. Upgrade potential is only
>>good to those who do so, otherwise its wasting money. Going with the
>>latest and greatest most times leads to allot of time overcoming new tech
>>growing pains.
> Cheap cases have typically have poor ventilation.

That's really not true.. I use codegen cases with antec PSU's very often.
Codegen have some of the lowest cost cases around. But they do come with the
vent and mounts for case fans, and by adding one to the rear, they cool just

> As for the memory and hard drives, I'll see budge will allow for. How big
> does a scratch disk really need to be anyway?

not a matter of BIG (unless you use premier) but a matter of having it off
the OS(source) drive. IOW a separate HD as far as scratch is concerned.
However, if she will be keeping many projects on disk or starts to use
INdesign and has many PDF projects going, storage space may become a
problem. 120 gigs should be enough and tell her that backiing up data is the
best way to protect it.

>>Also I was trying to find an article about the AMD64's/P4's in relation to
>>micro cases and a problem with cooling. I don't recall which cases were
>>involved, however I would avoid micro if there are cooling problems. I
>>don't much care for the PSU's in standard micro cases either.
>>Just My 2 cents, and been using adobe software for some time now.
> Again, cheap cases have typically have poor ventilation, regardless of the
> size. The reviews I've seen for the Aspire X-QPACK used AMD64 CPUs and
> didn't have problems.