Re: WD Raptor Drive not working with XP....Help!!

"devdude" <bobk> wrote:

> Well I actually made some progress. This Mobo didn't come with
> any SATA drivers other than RAID.

According to the web site data sheet, it supports SATA.
> I found that I had to modify
> the CMOS so that the drive was being seen as a Large LBA. The
> Mobo was defaulting to CHP.

You just noticed that? Yes, your mainboard probably should identify
the drive correctly before Windows has anything to do with it.
> So I can now boot and install the
> operating system. Windows still sees it as a 68.9Gb drive though.

Looking at your mainboard, I am sure it supports your hard drive.
Did your whole problem start when Windows did not recognize it as
74GB? Is that when you started messing with BIOS settings? You
really shouldn't unless you know what you are doing or are willing
to spend lots of time playing with your computer.

Maybe you should slipstream service pack two (SP2) into Windows XP
before you install Windows XP.
(beware of pop-ups)

Good luck.

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