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From: "Dustin" <bughunter.dustin@xxxxxxxxx>

Once a system is infected, review my reply to you in a recent post
to you.

infected=virus. Trojan<>infected. One a system is trojanized, it's
easy enough to repair. Depending on the virus, it can also be
repaired. That's the lack of knowledge you have on this field
rearing it's ugly head on you again.

I wouldn't agree there. Once malware is resident and acting upon a
host that host is infected.
In animal hosts they can be infected by; yeasts/molds, parasites,
bacteria and viruses. It is no different than with a computer host.

No. It's a resident trojan. Still, not infected. Unless said trojan is
patching files to continue it's own existance. If not, then it's not
actually "infecting" anything. Creating an exe and a registry key to
load it later isn't infecting a machine.

So I don't think; infected=virus Trojan<>infected is apropos.

Well, I hail from the virus/trojan terminology. Although I'm retired, I
still prefer to use the correct terminology when discussing them.

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