Re: F-Secure Greedy?

On Aug 14, 11:51 pm, "David H. Lipman" <DLipman~nosp...@xxxxxxxxxxx>
From: "Roy" <royba...@xxxxxxxxx>

| I have the same issue previously with Kaspersky internet security
| version 2009. that one PC that have only 256 of RAM was so slow ...
| That when I added another chip to make it 512, it improved
| dramatically the performance of the PC...
| Then lately with the latest Kaspersky version 2010, 512 Mb is
| insufficient that I had to upgrade it to 1 Gb .
| It might be the same reason with F secure.....?
| But there are still AVs that are not resource hungry... such as the
| NOD32.
| ..they seems to work well  in older PCs with less RAM  capacity?

256MB is the minimum just to RUN the WinXP OS w/o any software.

Multi-AV -
Theoritically yes but practically
well I can run a number of softwares in an old PC with just 256 mb of
RAM including video players, office tools, even some minor
games....... I counted about 20 installed softwares in that particular
PC...including the NOD32...
I tested Kaspersky Avira premium, Bitdefender, AVG and it drastically
slowed down the PC but not with NOD32....