Re: bad virus

Xray <pl@xxxxxxx> wrote:

malwarebytes refuses to run, I even tried running it from an entirely
different drive - If I try to name it, it won't run unless
its an exe extension.
I can change it to donaldduck.exe or whatever, doesn't seem to do any good.
This infection seems geared to stop most programs, either by corrupting the
install or not letting them run.

I've seen this a lot; the malware appears to look at the size of the file.
There are some older tools I can use, such as a copy of SpySweeper from about
3 years ago that most malware won't shut down, though they'll shut down more
recent versions.

But try installing it in safe mode and you might have better success. Also,
try rolling back the registry manually (copy and paste) to at least a week
before the infection was first noticed.