Re: Trojan not being removed by Norton

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| Hello
| I'm not a techie chick, and don't really know much about computers but
| do love my laptop all the same. I am freaked out by a message Microsoft
| Windows is giving me. It says I have malicious software on my computer:
| TrojanSpy:Win32/Bancos.gen!A and that I need anti-virus software to
| remove it. No worries I think to myself, and run a full system scan with
| my Norton anti virus. It pics up a TRACKING COOKIE for goodness sakes,
| but no Trojan.

| Any suggestions for how to remove it? The simpler the better, I'm
| worried about dismantling something important in the process.

| My operating system is Vista..if that helps.
| cheers
| F-E

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