Virus problems

What anti-virus software would you recommend for Windows XP? It has all the
security patches on it. I use Outlook for friends and relatives only. I
get no spam or suspicious emails in that account - none. I use Outlook
Express for newsgroups; that's just habit. I get tons of spam emails in OE
and I never open any of the emails. I just delete them. I use Yahoo for
all my shopping and Firefox as my browser. My wife uses IE for her Yahoo
email and everything else. I know my MySpace account was hacked because
there was a posting there that wasn't mine.

Here's the current stuff I use and what's been happening:

a) Norton 2006 and no firewall. A scheduled scan runs every Friday night.
Every once in awhile I get a message
that Live Update failed. It's invariably LU1845

I just used Live Update twice and got these two messages. I did not reboot
the computer after the first one; I just ran Live Update a

"Norton Internet Security security updates has 1 aborted update for the
following reason: "
LU1845 not updated due to a processing error.

Symantec Internet Intrusion Detection Signatures has 1 aborted update for
following reason: "
LU1845 not updated due to a processing error.

The screen said everything else updated and was downloaded properly.
It appears that my Outlook Express email gets an occasional attachment that
Norton or Webroot catches. Again I never open any OE emails and the OE
address is not my Yahoo or the real address and account that I use only for

b) I started using Webroot about two weeks and run sweeps. I sweep every
Friday night after the Norton scheduled scan has finished. Webroot picked
up the following and put them in "quarantine." Should I delete the stuff in
"quarantine?" After each of the Webroot items below I've listed WebRoot's
web site's explanation of the threat. As far as I can tell, Norton never
picked any of this stuff up.

Mal/EncPk -CZ -- no threat with this name in our database

Mal/Generic-A --- malicious file for Windows platform

Troj/Agent-IAO --- no threat with this name in our database

Troj/FakeVir-GL --- no threat with this name in our database


Because I'm certain I got hacked I need to change all my passwords. There
was something with "hack" in its name. How can I be certain that my
computer's free of the things that capture passwords and other form stuff I
enter? I NEVER, EVER answer spam emails or enter info other than my Yahoo
address into web sites into which I have the slightest suspicion. I only
enter other info on my banking web site, Safeway, my HMO, Amazon, or
whatever. A few charges that I had nothing to do with showed up on my Visa
card about 4 days ago. Craigs List & They're bogus & I'm
working with VISA to get them killed and to get a new card.

Any all help will be deeply appreciated. Thanks muchly.