Re: OT: Best free Firewall, please??

5. Reconsider the usage of IE (optional) and OE (highly recommended).
Utilizing another browser application and e-mail provider can add to
the overall security of the OS.
Consider: Opera, FireFox or Seamonkey and PegasusMail, Thunderbird or

I use the most updated FireFox as my browser and Mozilla Thunderbird
as my e-mail client. I also have Yahoo mail which I access through FF.

9. Employ back-up application(s).
Windows XP Backup Made Easy
Consider: Acronis, Casper or Norton Ghost and ERUNT.

This is where I am confused. Now when I backup, do I backup eveything
or just certain things? Will the program asked for a disk to be placed
inside the DVD/CD tray for the backup to be written to or where do the
backup go? How often should one backup? Also, of all the programs you
have listed above, which would you choose if you had to pick one and
why it over the others?

While I am thinking of this and it really has nothing to do with our
posts, but I am curious. Can a DVD be used as a Mega storage disk for
all kinds of files and things, or does it only work for something
video related?

Because rootkits meddle with the operating system itself they *require*
full Administrator rights to install. Hence infection can be avoided by
running Windows from an account with *lesser* privileges" (LUA).

Good luck :)
Thanks, I am sure I am going to need it!