Re: Antivirus 2008

Charlie Leo wrote:
OK, I got caught - don't know exactly how, but the above virus
infected my machine. I think I got rid of it using AVG. But a question
remains: this virus program has instruction on how to send money for
an anti virus update. Can't the money transfer be traced? The money
goes somewhere. Granted, it may go offshore, but it can still be
traced to something.

Why don't we have strong enough laws to slow stuff like this from
spreading? (I know we will never be able to stop it). Of course, I'm
just paranoid enough to think that at least a few of the viruses could
be traced back to 'legitimate' software suppliers.


The newest variants are highly virulent, and the number of people falling
for the scams must be huge. All it takes is for a few governments to take
the lead, and start punishing the credit card companys for accepting the
criminally obtained funds, and facilitating fraud on a gigantic scale.