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However without some open ports you cannot use the internet.

This is not correct.

Yes it is unless you just want to send data, which is rather pointless
inmost instances.

Open ports are used by servers, to allow clients
to establish a connection.

And by other programs to communicate.

If you are not running any servers, that
you want to have accessible, from the internet, then you do not need
any open incoming ports.

Except for programs which need to accept data.

Incoming traffic will still be allowed, but
only when it is in response to outgoing traffic.'re getting there....

For most home computers,
the only case where an open incoming port is usually needed, is for p2p

Exactly. Any your firewall will take care of that.

Unless it is a hardware router with an exploit in in which cannot be fixed
by an uupdate, such as NAT router

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Doesn't yur NAT router take care of that :O)