Re: FIrewall removing Outlook messages with attachments !

On Tue, 23 Oct 2007 22:58:00 -0400, "Heather" <nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi MM.....I forgot about that OE thing....but nice try. IIRC, he would
receive a grayed out attachment, but would not be able to open it. And
he does say he gets attachments if he turns his Kerio firewall off.

I have never used Kerio, but wonder if he has something ticked off in
there that would prevent attachments downloading. Worth a thought.



A rather obvious question.
You don't have "do not allow attachments to be saved or opened..." in
Security Tab checked, do you?


I had a filter set for OE in Kerio but it was for outgoing data only
and referred to UDP (whatever that is)

There sere a few filters set by default for general stuff, and the UDP
one should let stuff in on confirmation.

I then tried reinstalling Kerio from scratch and it now receives
attachments OK.

Compared the configs of the old and new and there was nothing
obviously different in the filter settings. Hence there must be
something lurking there that I don't understand.

Despite what reviewers have said, this is not an easy package to use,
so I will ditch it which is a shame because it looked good.

I will put Sygate back which is one of the few which runs on 98SE,
despite the slightly larger memory requirement.

I note that Kerio PERSONAL firewall is now owned by SUNBELT and
released as such and won't do 98SE.

Sygate was taken over by Symantec/Norton - and as many reviewers point
out, the good points of Sygate have clearly not found their way into

Graham C