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I have been using KAV 6 for a few weeks on my desktop and am very satisfied with the program. My question is this: can in install it on my laptop and use it under the same activation key. Since you have to be online to activate the program, I have my reservations about doing so. That is to say, I don't want to deactivate the ability to update my program on the desktop.

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The short answer is no. There had been some talk prior to the release of KIS/KAV 6, about allowing exactly what you want to do, but in May 2006 the decision was made (by KL marketing) --- one license per machine is required. As Ma pointed out, check out the KL fora (forums). Depending on your location, there may discounts available for puchasing a multiple license.

And, do yourself a favor. Don't muck with the KL licensing paradigm. There have been _many_ people who have tried and failed, and consequently ended up with _no_ license whatsoever. And this includes a few who have decided to use their WinXP date/time function as a calendar. Setting your OS date/time incorrectly can also invalidate the KL license.

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