Re: NOD32 slowing my PC?

mike wrote:
After reading various reviews and users recommendations, I purchased NOD32 for my PC. The installation went fine and it seems to work really well. However for some reason since installing it,. my PC seems to work really slowly, especially when opening up new files, of browsing through my PC's folders etc.

Being a bit of a PC newbie I can't figure out what the problem is, but it definitely seems to have started just after I installed NOD32.

My PC specs are as follows:

Intel P4 2.6
1 gig RAM
SB Audigy 2 Soundcard
GForce 4 Ti4800 gfx card
Windows XP (SP2)

I have a ton of stuff running in the background with no speed degradation because NOD32 is running with them on this P3 700 MHz, 320 MB ram laptop.

I wonder if you have your Page File size not under the automatic control of the XP O/S. With the introduction of NOD32 in the mix, the page file is too small and the machine is page trashing memory to the hard drive slowing the machine down.

Duane :)

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