Re: which virus scanner is better norton or mcaffee?

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The post wasn't directed to David. The added comment serves to highlight
the effectiveness of a free av application;

Its effectiveness against that particular small subset of viruses. Another
set may
well trade that 96% for 3% effectiveness.

Well, it has to be worth something. David does not appear to me having an
inflated ego.
The following is an abridged and consolidated test report from 3 e-mail
messages posted to newsgroups,,

"I just ran another impromptu test of and it
scored extremely poorly. I placed 27 known infected EXE only files in a
folder and had
Microsoft, Sophos, Trend Micro, McAfee, Kaspersky and AntiVir scan the
Microsoft: 2 out of 27
Sophos: 23 out of 27
Trend Micro: 19 out of 27
McAfee: 18 out of 27
Kaspersky: 23 out of 27
AntiVir: 26 out of 27
AntiVir did surprising well !!"

Only regular readers of the
relevant newsgroup(s) may be aware of this particular test. Since David
initiated and conducted this test, I find it appropriate that a short
recognizing the source of information is in order.

Kudos for that - recognition is a good thing. I believe that David would
be the
first to admit such tests are best taken with salt.
I will consider adding the "salt" bit when recommending AntVir Free in
However, I failed adding
his websites. for further useful references.

Neither of those sites are his. :))
I did not imply this, rather to direct newcomers to useful websites in which
may access av applications written by David and read other valuable
Hopefully, it also would steer them to the main-site reading the text as
shown blow and act accordingly.
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This unintentional omission will be rectified in future posts.
With all good wishes,

No need on account of me - David has proven his abilities and I don't
doubt them.
I don't believe he places too much weight on results produced on such a
small set.

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Please note: In March 2006, David H. Lipman ran an impromptu test of
Free-av placing 27 known infected EXE only files in a folder and had
Free-av scan the files.
The free anti-virus program detected 26 out of the 27 infectants...

I'm sure David knows the value of such tests.

Could you pass the salt, please? :))