Re: Panda Active Scan Pro trial?

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I was frustrated that the free ActiveScan apparently found several
thousand Spyware entries (after a clean run from Spybot, Ad-Aware, and
ewido!) yet would not tell me what they were. Just a number (3,955).

So I clicked the TRY link on the Active Scan Pro page here:

But it demanded registration details. What sort of a trial is that?

Terry, West Sussex, UK

Don't know about Panda, but...

Just one note to add to the other replies that I believe should be voiced.

You often see folks declaring that this or that AV scanner "found" viruses
that your installed AV was not reporting. This happens a lot because your
installed AV has placed them in a "safe" (i.e. deleted, quarantined or some
such) directory and the new AV is not aware of their (already found) status
or location, so it reports them as newly found! Routine.

Just something to note.

Thanks, interesting point - never considered that before. As you saw
from my follow-up, in this case under discussion the great bulk were
found by Panda in my Norton Recycle Bin, which is where Norton Unerase
Wizard puts deleted files (complementing the standard and rather weak
Windows Recycle Bin). FWIW, I'd have thought it would be smart enough
to recognise that, but it's academic now. (I won't be bothering to
look further at Panda stuff.)

But your point is, of course, a different one, and surprises me. Can I
be sure I have it straight please? Surely the Quarantine areas for the
files that my AV has already found and removed does not contain files
which represent any risk? So why would another spyware detection
program report them as such?

Terry, West Sussex, UK