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I suppose in the scheme of things this is no big deal but I'm fed up
with software that intentionally screws with other software...even if
it's Microsoft's. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I COMPLETELY
REMOVED NAV 2006 form my new HP 1430n only to find that the Windows
Security Center has been 'tricked' into assuming it's still there!

Hi again, Sorry the previous advice offered by Optik and myself didn't work
for you, You can try this instead:
Copy and paste the contents into a new file with notepad, save this as
"fixsecurity.reg" or whatever, and double click. Regedit will ask if it's
okay to do this, tell it yes and let us know how it works for you.

This registry file for those interested should reset the security center
back to the way it was originally.

Dustin Cook
BugHunter MalWare Removal Tool

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