Re: zone alarm and mozilla

From: "william kossack" <wskossack@xxxxxxxxxxx>

| just purchased zone alarm and discovered that it doesn't scan incoming
| email except microsoft. I use mozilla thunderbird for email.
| As I'm about to take the package back to the store I need a virus scan
| that will work for multiple email clients. I got fed up with macafee
| last year and Norton seems to be better but not much.

Not really important !

If there is a file that is infected, as the file is extracted from the email and written to
the hard disk as a disk file in the %temp% folder or some other folder it will be scanned
for viruses by the "On Access" scanner of the AV software.

Now Zone Alarm is a FireWall application not an anti virus application but Zone Labs can
sell Computer Associates eTrust anti virus bundled with Zone Alarm. Similarly, CA eTrust
can purchased bundled with Zone alarm.

I'm assuming when you say Zone Alarm scanning email for viruses you really mean CA eTrust
scanning email for viruses.

I suggest you keep what you have !