Re: Opinions Please on Norton

On Fri, 9 Sep 2005 20:57:13 -0400, "Heather" <figgs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>I shouldn't even have to ask, but my tech is building me a new computer at
>the moment and thought he was doing me a favour by putting Norton 2005 on
>it. I am really hedging on that.
>I am using WinME which Norton does not work with at the fact
>that I dumped Norton some 5 years ago after getting 3 viruses because I had
>a defective copy.
>I have used EZ Trust ever since.......but is there some good reason for
>putting Norton on my new XP machine? None that I know of, but thought I had
>better ask. Perhaps I will see if he has Nod.
>I am so excited about this coz I am picking out all the hardware with the
>help of my MVP buddies and *Willy the Wonder Tech*......grin. I never ever
>thought I would have to make so many damned decisions......on ditzy stuff
>like case colour (got black & silver)......hey, got to get with it!!
>Wireless keyboard and mouse, or regular......and so on.
>But I know from being on this group for eons that Norton is one SOB to
>remove......and I recall it seems to have a lot of Live Update problems. So
>any info would be appreciated.
>PS......Art, it really isn't all that expensive. Willy is doing a super job
>for me. I do have my own copy of XP Home, so that saves on cost. Not
>getting a new monitor or router at this point. Willy said to hold off until
>I needed or wanted them. Took me 5 years to find this man.....he is so
>damned honest......not to mention extremely good.

Hey, you won't be banned from the virus lists just because you want to
give NAV another try for free :) Symantec does offer a eradication
utility from what I hear. What I'd do is backup the registry before
NAV is installed so I could restore it later. Maybe see if Willy will
do that for you.

Have fun! :)