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>>>> I assume I should
>>>> disconnect it from the internet when I uninstall and install the new AV
>>>> software?
>>> Leave your Internet connection running if you are installing Avast
>>> AV.
>>> After installing the software, you have to reboot your PC. Afterwards
>>> Avast
>>> immediately looks for updates, which will probably be available. Give
>>> Avast
>>> about 2-3 minutes to find and download the updates. Once this is
>>> completed,
>>> XP SP2's Security Center will stop nagging you to update your AV, and
>>> the
>>> red warning icon will disappear from your systray.
>>> You will notice that Avast has very interesting sound schemes for
>>> its
>>> various functions.
>> I have an e-machine about 2 years old. Should come with recovery cd's
>> unless they've changed their policy.
>> It's best to run a new machine for a while before you mess with it just
>> in case you have to take it back for any reason. I ran the Norton (2002)
>> for a year, then took it out in favor of Avast.
>> I'm a great believer in using an imaging program, my choice is bootitng.
>> This makes playing around a lot safer. Recovery CD's are a lot of hassle
>> if you've time customizing the system.
>> Dave Cohen
>>I have been using Avast for a little while now and I am pleasantly
>>surprised the way it works for me.I had AVG on for some time but Avast
>>seems to work better with less conflicts now and the Default skin is
>>horrible but you can apply some very nice ones now.It caught 2 viruses
>>that AVG didn't and that surprised me.I am sold on Avast now.I haven't
>>noticed a difference in speed either.Norton,Mcafee,Panda and a couple
>>others slow my pc down a good bit.I have a 3 year old Emachine that runs
>>great btw..My 2cents worth.RH710
Corporate Background

eMachines, one of the world's fastest growing and most efficient PC makers,
was acquired by Gateway, Inc. in March 2004 for $262 milllion in cash and
shares. It remains a stand-alone brand that is sold through leading
retailers and catalog and online merchandisers in the U.S. and selected
markets abroad.

Since its launch in 1998, eMachines has shipped more than five million
systems. It was the second-largest vendor of desktop PCs sold through U.S.
retailers and has a rapidly growing notebook business.

Internationally, eMachines' low-cost, full-featured systems are sold in
Japan and the UK, with further expansion into Western Europe planned soon.

Wayne Inouye, who joined eMachines in 2001 and quickly turned it from a
money losing business into one of the world's fastest growing brands,
currently serves as CEO of Gateway.

Executive Management Team
Get an introduction to the management force behind Gateway, Inc.


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