AV Recommendations

I've been looking around on the web during the last 4 days or so for
the best AV for the network at the company I work for. It consists of
60 workstations running Win95, 98, 2000 Pro and XP Pro, 3 Windows File
Servers, all running Windows 2000 and one Linux Server running Redhat.

Ive looked at many AV's, Mcafee, Norton, AVG, Kaspersky, Zonealarm
NOD32 etc etc. I've narrowed it down to choose between NOD32, AVG and
Mcafee (just because a co worker insists). I've ran the trials for both
AVG and NOD32 and NOD32 seems to be the best till now. What I think is
the decisive factor is the functionality of the Remote Administration
programs on both of those programs. If someone can help me decide by
giving me some insight on those programs and also help me out on
convincing my co worker that Mcafee isn't worth the money I would be