Re: Starbucks coffee made me sick

On Jun 6, 11:00 am, "Steve Freides" <st...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I do fine if I go a day or three without a cup of coffee, but thanks for
the suggestion. I drink espresso we make at home (using mostly lightly
roasted beans, which I think means less caffeine, all other things being
equal), and it seems pretty low in caffeine to me. If I took a guess,
I'd say one small cup of Starbucks coffee has about the same caffeine as
four to six of my homemade espresso shots.


I roast oppositely, favoring a grinder that doesn't always grind to
talcum powder consistency as well with light roasts. At times a nice
option to know I can go as fine as I want without locking up burrs.
That darker roast seems to me a curveball for some. After roasting
lighter (and grinding coarser), someone drinking my espresso
immediately noticed and declared it too strong. Actually, since I
found it easier to move him into Americanos, I water down it yet
more. Didn't occur to me until five minutes passed to mention it was
the same coffee, just roasted darker. When out, I get by with most
coffees. What someone doesn't want to run into, especially someone
that doesn't drink but serves the coffee, is me after pouring a cup of
transmission fluid and telling me to my face it's fresh. I stick
mostly to better known establishments, will pay top dollar for a cup
or two, so I expect the coffee, if necessary brewed before me. Like
you, I don't expect coffee as good as home, far from it, although --
damnit, I took the trouble to stop in -- so I'm not going interested
in being nice to people willing enough take my money without ensuring
it's the best with what they have to work with.