Re: Ho-hum - nothing much going on around here so...

This is a CoffeeGeek quote from nearly 2 years ago:

"But he's not a good guy to have in your online community. That's me speaking from a history where he's set up fake accounts on CoffeeGeek and used those accounts to slam the website."

A statement that went unchallenged by dblane.

"Xoltx" <blaned5@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:503c6a90-908e-4f11-a2c6-35e2a22ba8a9@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Any excuse to post - as long as it keeps Dave Blane entertained. He's
not allowed to post anywhere else (seems Randy got him kicked of CG
again a couple of months ago).

nope it wasn't rg, texxy.

it was ME that got me kicked off. but then you were -- years ago!

love ya bub! smackkkkk!