Re: My PID'ed Silvia doesn't produce good espresso anymore after a few months rest

Ton wrote:
Because my stomach had some problems with coffee, I didn't use my PID'edSilvia the last few months. Until then I usually had good to very good espressos with a nice crema.
This week I wanted to start brewing with her again and at first I did a good cleaning with backflushing. However, although I didn't change anything in my setup, I cannot get good results anymore.
I use the same beans as before that I roasted myself to about the same degree as a few months ago. At first the coffee comes in a steady flow but after about 10 seconds I only get a few drops and there is hardly any crema. Even after changing the grind a few clicks coarser on my Mazzer Mini it doesn't improve.
Could something be wrong with my Silvia as a result of the few months rest ?

Meanwhile I cleaned the parts of the 3way valve again and now there is no more dripping from the tube in the tray anymore while Silvia is in rest. So that seems to be solved.
However I still have no crema, so the solenoid valve was apparently not the cause of the "no crema" problem.
But I think now that the OPV is the culprit. While pulling a shot I get a big constant flow of water from the short tube that is connected to the OPV. Does that mean that the OPV has to be replaced or can it be disassembled and cleaned ? If the latter is the case can I do that myself ?