Re: My PID'ed Silvia doesn't produce good espresso anymore after a few months rest

I am a commercial machine technician, and have never worked on a
Silvia, so someone more knowledgeable than I could answer your
question about backflow into the reservoir. I believe there is an
adjustable pressure regulator that lowers pressure to the group,
shunting it to the reservoir.
I would not arbitrarily replace the solenoid valve. I'd have to know
it was failing first. Again, observe backflow into the drip tray, or
wherever it exhausts, during extraction. If you have a blind filter,
you can check it that way too. Although some (alright one) caution
against putting that kind of back pressure on the

On Aug 23, 12:13 pm, Nowhere Man <noth...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am having similar symptoms, although cleaning my solenoid seems to
have slightly improved perfomance. Looking at the spring, it loos like
something that could fatigue over time.

I also noticed some backflow from the water line into the reservoir
while brewing.

So, is it worth it to replace the solenoid valve first? New pump also?


On 2009-08-23 04:53:09 -0700, sprsso <spr...@xxxxxxxxx> said:

After watching this from the beginning, it appears to me that your
group solenoid is weak. This can show up after leaving a machine
inactive for a while. The true test would be to watch your backwash
(drip) tube during extraction. You may be losing a lot of pressure and
water through it that would be better going through the

For cleaning the valve I followed the procedure described here:http://mem
Btw, I noticed now that the drip tube already starts dripping  after
putting on the Silvia and even before I start brewing. As soon as the
machine is heating up, I see drops coming off the drip tube. I had the
front panel removed to be sure that it was from the drip tube and not
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