Re: Why are espresso machines sold without GOOD grinders?

Zolt <blaned3@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in news:86aa8927-62ff-4cee-8feb-

Why is that? Their chances are virtually nil that they will EVER be
able to produce a decent cup without a good solid espresso grinder.

I the buyer of a new espresso machine does not purchase a good
espresso grinder or already have a proper one on hand, then just about
the only outcome will be DISsatisfaction!

and damage to the reputation of the seller AND the maker of the

Maybe that's why the mass merchant have vast piles of lightly used
espresso machines that get returned and sold as: REFURBISHED!

Of course, adding the necessary $300+ needed to the tab may kill the
What is the point anyway? Is there the hope that some of these buyers
will just go away?

Shit, just as I post a rant about your lack of "meaningful responses", you
go and do something like this. First time for everything I suppose.

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