Re: The aluminum debate -- and sock puppets

Zolt <blaned3@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in news:84941b16-6679-4b07-8298-bff283a63821

I only provide meaningful responses to actual people, not BS virtual
puppets such as "DSB"

Now sir, looking back over the past few years of your posts, I see no
instances of "meaningful responses", unless you're including your ongoing
spats with other regulars. Could you point out a few "meaningful
responses" for us?

And as a matter of fact, I've never met you - how do I know you're an
"actual person"? Now that I think about it, I'm very suspicous of your
identity; maybe I should spend the money and run a background check on you.
I wonder what wonderful tidbits it would turn up? Ever been arrested,
convicted, bankrupt, fired, denied credit, or divorced?

Yes, that is a very good idea; let's dig up the dirt on you.