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Dee Randall wrote:
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We are presently using a Caffe Rosto, it is 4-5 years old. It has given good service and produces good coffee for our vacuum pot and French press.

My husband wants to replace it with a Gene Cafe. The Gene looks impressive, we've seen the video and read a lot of reviews. I am worried about its durability. It looks like a lot of easily broken mechanical parts. Any thoughts will be appreciated.


You guys sold us on the Behmor. I just ordered one from "Fresh Coffee" for $315 with a free small mesh drum and 4 pounds of green coffee plus free shipping.

I'm interested to know what posting here, other than the one that said that he/she had done 175 roasts, sold you on the Behmor.
I want the Behmor myself, but DH is not into buying green coffee yet - sigh!
Dee Dee

The 175 roasts was with my Gene Cafe Roaster.