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 I left the steam switch on all day. I shut it off. When I
ed it
back on the next day everything worked properly, except ,the
hose to the reservoir is sending very hot water to the
making a popping noise. I have opened up the machine . There
is a brass fitting that receives water from the pump and also
sends wa
back to the reservoir. could that be theproblem?

what was the outcome??  just curious


I still haven't figured it out. how do I determine it is the
pressure relief valve? Is there a Silvia breakdown somewhere? I
can replace th
part if I know its bad. I also need a parts resource.

with the steam valve SHUT, turn on the ledt center switch.  a very
slight DRIBBLE of water should come out of the return line to the
white tank -- the shorter line of the 2.  == within no more than

dave /// 535 silvias


Which physical piece on the machine are you calling the pressure
relief valve. Is it the piece on the top right hand side of the
boiler> The piece that has the tube going to the pump and the shorter
hose going to the reservoir? Thanks for you assistance!

that is correct. the valve itself is inside the part that has the LOW
pressure (clear) hose attached to runs back to the white tank.


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