Re: Switching from filtered water to water softener

On Oct 21, 12:06 pm, "Tex" <pearl...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Howdy Folks!
I've been using filtered water for the whole house and a canister-type water
softener for the espresso machine. I'm switching the filter for a
whole-house water softener soon and was wondering what I should do about my
coffee setup?

I'm thinking of removing the canister and replacing it with a fine particle
filter to catch any scale that might loosen in the copper pipes. Would I
need to also add a calcite cartridge to my setup or is that only necessary
with a reverse osmosis setup?
Find out what HiTech Espresso really sells. To PID or not PID


you don't need a calcite with a water softener.

Watch the sodium tho'. Might raise your blood pressure even further.