Re: Miss Silvia Problem

IIRC the manufacturer does not recommend backflushing - I suppose this cuts down on warranty claims due to burnt out pumps. Probably this comes from bad experience with consumers who operate on the "a little is good, so more is better" approach . A 30 second backflush probably won't hurt a pump but a 3 minute backflush might. The vibe pump depends on the flow of water for cooling so if you stall the flow eventually the pump will overheat itself.

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Silvia is a model with a three way valve, so why would there be conventional wisdom to not backflush? It would put a bit of pressure on the pump but a well packed shot does that for 30 seconds anyway. I'm confused.
I think most with Silvias backflush. How else would you clean the three way?
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3. The three way was clogged with old coffee. He had never back flushed it. So, I went ahead anyway against conventional wisdom ;) and back flushed it.