Re: AC Stats - week ending 20080719 poor dear bertie.

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don't  be an arse.  you need to re-read harmone's archived  commercial
posts and his insulting posts,  half a dozen links usually using
tinyurl for some strange reason.

and btw?  his phine numbers and addresses are public, on his many
pages and elsewhere!  gimme a break, bertie.

posts that were insulting to oldies and noobs alike.  His dozens of
invitations (protested by many oldie users here)  to visit one of his
many many links to crap for sale and his  ego "groups"  which
apparently now are taking up most of his time.  "oh you want info on a
gaggia??  come over to my"

the fact that at least three of his pseudonyms were booted off of ebay
for abusing the system.  36 bid retractions in 6 months -- bid
retractions are a way to feel out the selling price of an item, in
case you did not know.

Oh, Bertie there is SO much you do not know, it is pathetic.

but make me your focus, every family needs a 'focal patient'
-- I care not. LOL

No Dave, you give us a break. If you look at your last 100 posts, there was
NO reaction from Robert. If you look at his last 100 posts, you reacted in
your usual way, to EVERY one (apart from the time you wre off for a few days
at some SCAA event, or something).
If you feel that YOU are the victim of abuse, then you must be in some state
of denial. 'Focal Patient' - on that we agree.
Anyway, you stalked him off the group, that's a victory, let the gloating

gloating? tsk. happy? yes. reaction? did you READ any of his
crap/ and what about all the links, and the pimping of his off ac
where do I say that I was a victim of abuse? hmmm?

and please -- do ignore the other points of my last msg. apparently
ebay felt harmone was abusing their system and policies.