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On Feb 24, 5:51 pm, "631grant" <tjwit...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I assume he's kidding but whoever the 'swampman' is, he'll end up spending
more because I will bid him up on each and every item until I get one.  :o)

I was being sarcastic. Unless you are shooting back with some
sarcasm, do watch out for shill bidders. Some dealers justify using
shill bidders as a way to avoid the cost of ebay reserves.

"lockjaw" <davebo...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message


On Feb 24, 1:26 pm, "John S." <hjs...@xxxxxx> wrote:
On Feb 24, 8:25 am, "631grant" <tjwit...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm trying to get a vacuum coffee pot but 'swampyankee05' is bidding on
everything.  Is this one of you guys?


Yup, it's me.  I'm out to build a corner in the vacuum coffee pot
market no matter the brand or price.  Your one choice is to bid a lot
higher than me.

MORE sarcasm from John S!

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