Re: Why do you hate Starbucks, are you uncultured?

On Jan 25, 10:38 am, holy_spi...@xxxxxxx wrote:
I recently asked a question about how to make Starbucks coffee at home
and got nothing but snide remarks in response.

I'll ignore those and try to answer seriously. Maybe you are
trolling, but I'm not.

What I do know is that Starbucks is for cultured people who appreciate
finer points in life. So why do you personally hate Starbucks? Do you
hate the cultured, educated people? What's wrong with you?

1. Starbucks markets themselves as if they were for cultured people.
It's like the infomercials that say "everyone's talking about it!!!!!"
as if that somehow would insta-start a buzz. All they really have is
a classier layout to try to justify their prices. It comes across as

2. Their prices are too high; it smacks of "it's so good, you have to
pay more for it." $5 for a big drink that's mostly milk? Sheesh...
more pretension.

3. It's not really about the finer points of coffee, it's about
pretending we know the finer points of coffee. It's really about the
drinks that are dumbed down to appeal to a mass audience: lots of
sugar, cream, bad espresso.

4. Their beans are all over-roasted. I honestly can't tell any
difference between their Sumatra and their Verona and their Kenya.
The variations are slight, if any. The overroasting kills any
varietal specialties in the flavor that might exist.

5. When were their beans roasted? Nobody ever knows.

6. Many people like a darker roast, but I really don't. They don't
offer any other option, except a "mild" roast which is remarkably
flavorless. It shows they don't really know how to roast coffee-- or
maybe their distribution system destroys well-roasted coffee.

7. I am of the opinion that their darker roast is not really for
flavor, but to improve shelf life. It seems to me that roasted coffee
degrades in flavor regardless of whether you keep the oxygen away from
it or not, it's just slower without the O2. A darker roast keeps its
post-roast flavor longer, because all the nuances have been burned out
of it. So that is also another marketing trick.

8. They ruined the Coffee Connection!! They ruined the Coffee
Connection!! (Boston, early 90s.) George Howell sold out, Starbucks
promised to maintain his standards, but they didn't. Whack George on
the head with a newspaper-- BAD DOG! It was a ploy to buy out the
market, not to create excellence in coffee. They got the trademark
"Frappucino" from the Coffee Connection, btw. I cut my first fine
coffee teeth on Coffee Connection's CC blend.

9. They ruined the Coffee Connection!!

10. Their espresso is unpalatable: bitter, without character,
without soul. Milk drinks only work to cover that up.

11. When other people use their beans to make coffee, somehow it
tastes better. I don't know why it does. I'll drink Starbucks away
from Starbucks stores, like when I can't make my own. But I avoid the
stores. I will buy the beans if I can't find something more
interesting in a pinch, rather than go with the volume brand beans at
10PM on a Friday night when I've remembered I have no beans for the
morning and GOSH I gotta have something and no time to roast my own.

In other words, they're just an upscale McDonalds in a coffee sense.
No coffee equivalent of beef tenderloin or truffles on that menu.

Am I too harsh?