Re: Need help dismantling Gaggia "Coffee" Boiler

Thanks Tex, Stuart and Flasherly.

Success! What worked for me was to put the machine on its head, and
place a few ice cubes on top of the dispersion plate, theory being
it would contract with the cold and loosen. Then I got a rubber mallet
and lightly
tapped the plate all over its surface. It then came off quite easily.
Whether it was
the cold or the tapping, I can't be sure.

Underneath I found this:

I removed the valve in the centre:

Then separated the valve to free the spring and plunger and
cleaned all the parts up:

After putting everything back together, it all worked, and I ran
about three jugs of water through it, before treating myself to
a nice espresso (Peets Dark Roast):

Nice crema ... cheers!


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On Jan 28, 3:02 pm, "cogshif...@xxxxxxxxx" <cogshif...@xxxxxxxxx>

Looks like I have missed something obvious by not removing the
dispersion block/plate,
which should be removable simply by undoing the hex/Allen head bolts -
right? And
this can be done even without going inside the machine at all.

Since I already undid those bolts, and nothing dropped out, I assume
that the
dispersion block is a bit stuck. Does it screw off, or drop off? Other
applying propane torches to it, is there a recommended way of
loosening it
up. (I don't fancy the idea of applying a torch.) How about placing a
dowel in one of the bolt holes and tapping with a rubber mallet in a
tangential direction, would that work?

Thanks for everyone's patience with me. I can almost smell my next
espresso from this machine ... :-)

The reason I suggest giving the propane torch a try is that these
things can get frozen in place to the point that using a chisel &
sledge hammer won't free it.