Re: Need help dismantling Gaggia "Coffee" Boiler

On Jan 28, 4:02 pm, "cogshif...@xxxxxxxxx" <cogshif...@xxxxxxxxx>
Looks like I have missed something obvious by not removing the
dispersion block/plate,
which should be removable simply by undoing the hex/Allen head bolts -
right? And
this can be done even without going inside the machine at all.

Since I already undid those bolts, and nothing dropped out, I assume
that the
dispersion block is a bit stuck. Does it screw off, or drop off? Other
applying propane torches to it, is there a recommended way of
loosening it
up. (I don't fancy the idea of applying a torch.) How about placing a
dowel in one of the bolt holes and tapping with a rubber mallet in a
tangential direction, would that work?

Drops off, with just two Allen heads securing the piece (discounting
corrosion). A common jewel screwdriver, all the way through to the
other back side of the plate, allowed purchase within the two empty
Allen holes to help pry it gently loose. Only after a year, though,
so it wasn't up to an ongoing state to be a problem. There also
threads, its soft aluminum, and a retaining ring it fits within (never
thought at the time to slide a razor around the edge and try clean any
fixedness). Also tried a brief stint of heating it with the propane
torch, but gently with the screwdriver and a eye to care, is what
eventually worked for me. Again, a relatively newer machine. Those
pics you included put the fear in me -- reason I've increasingly
adapted to rigorously observing lemon-juice soaks.

Thanks for everyone's patience with me. I can almost smell my next
espresso from this machine ... :-)

God forbid. I almost bought a La Pavoni, given some consideration
before a Gaggia Carezza. The thought of thirty minute warm-ups make my
teeth chatter.