Re: Watlow 935A question: using single-setpoint controller to control steam & brew temps

"Tex" <pearland@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I was looking at Jerry Skene's schematic
( for using an Aurberin's controller to
manage brew & steam temps. According to Jerry it would be possible to use
the remote set point and Watlow 935A's OT2 to activate the steam circuit
via the alarm function. Is it as simple as setting the Alarm to activate at
295° and cut out at 296° & linking the controller to the steam pstat using
a second SSR?

For 935A-1CD0 models (SSR & electromechanical relay output)
* DC input AC switched SSR - OT1
* AC input AC switched SSR - OT2

For 935A-1CC0 models (dual SSR output)
* DC input AC switched SSR - OT1
* DC input AC switched SSR - OT2

Is it going to be this simple?

This doesn't answer your question but I have an Auber PID on my Silvia to
control the brew temperature. For steaming I just flick the steam switch on
and when the temp reads 250F on the PID, I bleed the water from the steam
valve. I then let the temp on the PID raise to 270F and start steaming.

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