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If you go to SM's its not listed when you search "Home Roasters"

It is featured on the main page though. The link is cleverly
throw off English-speaking shoppers: "Behmor Drum coffee roaster".
you've cleared that hurdle and found the link, you can then take
adventure by actually clicking it. (If you're still at a loss,
URL for the Behmor page:
On this page, you'll be confronted with the ominous "under
warning. Despite the warning, they have 5 pages of info on the

Are you adventurous enough to spend the big bucks for a version 1.0
roaster? I'm not. <G>

Hi GI know its there, just not easy to find
What I want is to see is opinions of people who've bought it, not a
sales pitch from someone wanting me to buy
I was all set to buy a Hottop, but the programmable one is £650 while
the old one £350 these are both + 17.5% tax plus carriage. Which made
me wonder what's the difference between them for £300 + tax or nearly
double the price. Who's ripping who off?


I don't think anyone is ripping anyone off. the Hottop, Gene and
all have good reasons to be where they are in the market.

I can't speak on the Hottop much because I have no first hand
experience, but I can talk just a bit about the Gene and Behmor.

The Gene Cafe is a very versatile 1/2 lb roaster. You can do almost
kind of roast and adjust time and temp all throughout the roast. But
you have to watch and tend it to get it just right. And repeatability
is there, but it is all manual. Some complain about the long cooldown,
although I've not found that to be an issue. It does need venting as
does produce a fair amount of smoke.

The Behmor is a somewhat less versatile 1 lb roaster, for an extremely
attractive price. While you can get the roasts you want, it takes some
experimenting and a real possibility of screwing a roast up. That is
because of the lesser flexibility of controls, and the manual's poor
writeup. Venting is literally at your choice as the 'afterburner' does
a pretty darn good job of getting rid of smoke and most odor. This
after 2 roast. One to City+ the second to FC+, both 1/2 lb loads. I
will be doing a 1 lb load this aftenoon and a run of SM's Classic
Italian Blend. The 1 lb will be to FC, the SM stuff to FC+ or Light
Vienna, depending on how good I am...

Keep in mind, I just got it today, so I am still very much in the
experimenting stage. This is not a review, nor is it a recommendation,
it is simply a very early posting about a newly acquired product.

Hmm... Wonder if I got enough weasel words in there? Where's
when you need him!!! <G>

Grinder, roaster, espresso machine, all effectively a row,
perpendicular and directly adjacent to the range top and hood.
Limited counter space in front of them, not to mention that three
FreshRoasts is probably within range of the price of a Behmor, sans a
couple Walmart $2 on/off switches to override FreshRoast default auto-
burn control timer. Even then, these are going to be "bright"
roasts. After tasting Illy espresso coffee, listening to a podcast
and hearing him talk about roast characteristics, I didn't miss the
emphasis on 12-minute roasts -- where I'm going to be somewhat bright
on flavor notes. Vacuum can of Illy I had (packaged with a Gaggia
Carezza), stood my socks up and curled my toes. I'm still working on
longer roasts, though. Smaller batches are OK now, whereas I used to
want to do more, the main difference being it's optionally within
means to speed or slow roasts since having replaced the FreshRoast
timer with simple switches. Doubt it take long to get into the swing
of the Behmor. Have fun.

It is coming along nicely. But I need to either give away some coffee,
or take a break from roasting. Really have too much roasted now.

One of the big differences between the FreshRoast and Behmor is how the
heat is applied. Behmor is radiant heat whereas the FreshRoast is hot
air. I don't think you can get the brightness out of a FreshRoast
roast, or at least I was never able to.

One very nice thing I've already seen is that the Behmor is capable of
producing a tasty roast at the lighter roasts. I did a City by accident
and it is quite nice.

I'd favor a variac for the quickest way to go after commercial grade
(or at least an iRoast). Checking that, I see someone with a kill-a-
watt hooked up for back testing the Behmor's wattage draw against a
variac, without which, he's saying he's experiencing under-roasting.*
One trait, anyway, for honing characteristics. I can go longer,
whether or how that'll affect brites, dunno. . . suppositions I'm not
comfortable with until knowing more of a tolerance for stalling
(sparing a turn to EPROM controlled relays and ramp techniques, god
forbid, I'd as soon KISS hands-on and a couple toggle switches to the
fan/element). Soon as well favor specs, all things considered, rather
than trust my tastes -- if Illy says 12 minutes, maybe that's a better
reason than anything I can come up with under ten or eight. Longer/
long roasts, 15, 20, 30 minute stuff, the same, extremes for is there
and at what point...

I saw the posting about variacs and other items for controlling the
voltage on CG too. But my roasters run on a dedicated 20 amp circuit
that seems to hold steady at 116v with only very slight bumps when the
heater kicks in and out.

The reason I got the light roast by accident was that I wasn't sure just
how far past the point it would go when the cooling cycle started. The
Behmor seems to go less past than the Gene, and is more affected by
weight of the roast batch than the Gene is. IOW, the Gene takes it to
'X' regardless of weight, past the stop point, the Behmor is more fluid
about that. It is something I'll have to factor in as I get more