Re: Behmor 1600 Has this died a death?

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No consumer reviews (not on C/Geek)

Plenty of stuff on the Coffee Geek forums. here's just one thread (32

I pre-ordered mine and got it soon after the freighter docked in
California. I've done about 15 roasts so far. I've had to get a variac,
though, to get consistent results. A "Kill A Watt" is useful too.

Though I was happy with my i-Roast (pre-ordered that too :-) ), I didn't
like it for South/Central American coffees because, to my taste, they
were just too "bright". So how is the Behmor for Americans? Dunno, I'm
still doing East Africans. I'll get to it, though.

Tony V.

Here's a report on my roasting today with my just received Behmor:

Did the suggestion 1/2 lb, p1, A, and missed my mark a bit.  Ended up
with a nice 1/2 lb at City, which is lighter than I usually roast.

Then I did another 1/2 lb of the same thing and took it to FC (maybe
FC+).  Now I'm doing 1 lb a a great Colombian that I'll take to FC, then
a 1/2 lb of SM's Classic Italian that I want to go to a light Vienna

I like this thing.  Quiet and nearly smoke free.  I've not even got
strong smells from it and I've not used a vent yet.  Every bit as good
as the Z&D/Nesco at this part, imo.  I like that as I would like to not
have to put it under the stove vent.  I like the roasting coffee smell
if it isn't too overpowering and not much smoke.  I'll know more after
the 2 roasts I'm working on now.


Well, the full pound roast went well.  SM Colombia Excelso 13556.  Set
Behmor as follows:

1 lb
++++++ on time

Stopped @1:30

Beautiful FC roast.


The SM Classic Italian Espresso 1/2 lb went a little differently:
1/2 lb

Found out that 4 +'s would've been enough, I let it finish and go to
cooling on its own and got a nice light show inside the roaster.  But
the roast was fine, though just a shade beyond Vienna, which is OK for
this blend.  I won't do that again.  The Behmor did fine with handling
everything.  Not so many sparks as to kick in an emergency stop or
anything.  Just ran the cooling, with a bit of smoke, much less than it
would have been from my Gene though.

I've concluded that unless I'm doing a more-than-FC roast, it doesn't
need to be under the vent for me, others might be more sensitive to the
smell, or not like it. I found the smell to be there, but not
overwhelming by any means.

I'll be tasting all but the Classic Italian tomorrow, as 1 day is enough
to get an idea of how it all went. But based on sound, color and smell,
all seem to be good roasts. I'm very curious how the City roast ended
up as I don't usually roast that light.

Well, this morning I tried 2 of the new roasts.

The Colombia Huila that I took to City was fantastic! I usually don't
like roasts this light, and it wasn't what I was looking for, but it was
the 1st roast in the Behmor. Very good Americano and also as a Cafe

The Colombia Excelso taken to FC was also fantastic. Full bodied and
naturally sweet as this particular bean is, the flavor was a bit
different from what the Gene produced with this same bean at FC.
Probably the difference between fluid bed vs radiant heating.

The other beans, the Colombia Huila at FC and the SM Classic Italian
Espresso both smelled as I expected them to this morning, but I haven't
tried them yet. Most likely will try the Huila this afternoon after the
caffiene jitters subside, but the CIE won't be properly developed for a
few more days.

I noticed that the size of the load really matters. 1/2 lb loads taken
to just the start of 2nd crack, go into 2nd much more than does a 1 lb
load. I actually would have thought it would be the other way around
because of the heat mass. You do have to adjust when to stop just like
on the Gene because it will overshoot a bit when you first start the
cooling cycle.

Cooling on this box is a bit slow, similar to the Gene, but it takes it
much cooler by the time it finishes. This is because the cooling fan on
the Behmor produces more airflow than does the Gene.

Considering the relative pricing on the Behmor vs Gene vs Hottop, the
Behmor should be given consideration. From a controlability standpoint,
I like the Gene better, but with that control comes more tending to
adjust the roast profile and final roast level.

You don't have as much control over the ramping of temp with the Behmor,
but you have some. I think that because of the controls, and the limits
of temp ramping provided, that the Behmor will be easier to get

As with the Gene, cleanup is a snap. Either a brush (included) or a
quick pass with a hand vac and you're done. Chaff control is excellent
on the Behmor, the vast majority of the chaff is caught by the chaff
guard, with a smidgen of chaff on the bottom of the roaster.

The included roast basket is fine for most beans, but the smaller ones,
like peaberrys will most likely be an issue. There is an optional,
small mesh basket available and starting to ship now to address this
issue. Mine will be here in a day or two.

Again, this is not meant as a recommendation as I don't have enough time
with it yet. But initially I have to say this is one darn fine roaster
for not a lot of money.

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