Re: Improving my coffee.

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Well a bag is definitely better than from the bins, esp. if it is a valve
bag.  Is it a valve bag?  If not, the roaster has to allow the beans to
"degas" (stale) before they are packed or the bag will blow itself up like a
balloon.  Also, unless you go thru a lot of beans quickly, then once you
open a 2.5 lb. bag the staling begins.   If I absolutely positively had to
buy beans in a supermarket then I'd get whole beans packed in a 12-16 oz.
valve bag and hopefully something marked with  a roast date or at least a
stale date.

When I was a kid (in the 40's), next to my school (p.s. 179, named
after that famous war hero 'Public School 179' heh heh..I would walk
thru the dimly lit A&P warehouse and smell the freshly ground coffee
(8 o'clock, Bokar, etc.) Ruined me forever, as it never tasted as good
as it smelled. I don't believe i see a valve on the bag. The proof is
in the taste and it's entirely drinkable. Cheers