Re: French Press vs Aeropress

On Jan 4, 4:44 pm, "Bob Ross" <BobR...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I usually brew two cups of coffee in a French Press for my morning coffee.
During the Christmas rush, I broke my French Press.  It was difficult to
find a replacement locally.  I wanted to get a stainless steel two cup
French Press but had no luck locating one on the web in Canada.  While I was
looking around on the web I came accross the Aeropress coffee maker. I
ordered one and thought I would give it a try.  I have been using the
Aeropress all this week and I must say that it brews an excellend cup of
coffee.  I use 20 grams of coffee for two cups.  I weighed the recommended
two scoops for the Aeropress using the scoop that came with it which weighed
in at 24 grams.

The Aeropress won't replace my Silvia but for regular coffee in my opinion
it's very hard to beat.

...Any sufficiently advanced technology looks like magic. <A.C.Clarke>

R.J.(Bob) Ross
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

I agree. The Aeropress is really different from the French Press, and
makes a good cup of coffee nearly as quickly as a bad cup of instant.
I've had one for a few months now, and we bought a second for my wife
to take to work. It sure beats going to the local chain store. The
main difference is that there's no grit in the bottom of the Aeropress
cup, and clean up is faster than anything else on the market, except,
I guess drip.

Maryland, U.S.A.